Discover Unique Winter-Resilient Rose Varieties Suited for Chilly Climates

1. Iceberg

The ‘Iceberg’ rose is known for its pure white, slightly fragrant flowers. These roses bloom consistently and are resistant to disease, making them a reliable choice for cold climates.


2. Morden Blush

Morden Blush offers delicate, pale pink blooms and is exceptionally cold-hardy, making it perfect for northern gardens.

Morden Blush

3. Darlow’s Enigma

This climbing rose boasts fragrant white flowers and is a tough performer in cold climates.

Darlow's Enigma

4. Carefree Wonder

The ‘Carefree Wonder’ rose showcases semi-double pink blooms and has excellent disease resistance.

Carefree Wonder

5. John Cabot

A deep pink, nearly magenta, rose, ‘John Cabot’ is cold-hardy and perfect for adding a pop of color to your winter garden.

5. 'John Cabot

7. Fairy

The ‘Fairy’ rose offers tiny, bright pink, and semi-double flowers, perfect for edging your winter garden beds.


7. Thérèse Bugnet

This tough rose features fragrant, deep pink flowers and is an excellent choice for cold climate gardens.

7. 'Thérèse Bugnet

8. Sargent’s Sunblaze

A compact rose with orange-red blooms, ‘Sargent’s Sunblaze’ is a delightful addition to any winter landscape.

Sargent's Sunblaze

9. Rugelda

With its yellow blooms and glossy foliage, ‘Rugelda’ is an excellent choice for cold climates.


10. Ballerina

‘Ballerina’ showcases coral-pink, semi-double flowers and is a cold-hardy rose perfect for colder climates.


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